Sahy Electric - Refunds Policy
Effective Date: 28.08.2022
1. All our payments are taken through the app or a QR code or other electronic means, incase the users of Sahy electric EV chargers are not able to charge, they can immediately raise concern to our helpline number, +91 9193 000 193 or write us to
2. We take our customer experience seriously and are dedicated to provide a smooth chargin experience through out our network. For this in case the user is not able to get their charging correctly or the money got deducted from their Sahy wallet, they can immeditely rasie a request inside the app or call us on +91 9193 000 193.
3. Our software and device systems are built in with high amount of analytics and intelligence to not let the user stall or get stuck while having a charging session. But for each such issue being faced the users can feel free to contact us on call or email or chat through the app. All the data is stored in our software while charging or later to ensure everthing is documented for studying the data. Nothing goes unnoticed while you are charging through our network.